South Korea a fishing boat in the waters of Jeju has been killed in eight people

Sino-Singapore agency Seoul, September 6 (Reporter Wu Xu) South Korea Jeju, a 5-day lost fishing boat at 6:25 on the 6th Xu was found
Seoul, Sept. 6 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / (BUSINESS WIRE) - South Korea's Jeju, a 5-day-old fishing vessel, was found at 6:25 am on the 6th. As of press time, Han police have found eight victims of the body. Reporters from the Chinese embassy in South Korea was informed that there is no incident on the issue of Chinese citizens. Yonhap news agency reported that the name of "dolphin" fishing vessel 5 evening 7 pm in Jeju Tsong Island a port starting, 7:38 last contact interrupted. Marine Security Department of the news that the search and rescue site found three survivors, 3 people have been sent to the doctor. As of 10:00 local time, search and rescue personnel in the incident near the sea to find eight bodies, in the ship around the ship found a large number of fishing equipment and refrigeration equipment. Marine police sources said they had sent more than 40 divers and enabled multiple search and rescue equipment into search and rescue. According to the list of passengers and the current search and rescue situation, the list of 22 people 13 people boarding, 4 people did not board the ship. But it is not clear whether there is a list of passengers boarding, can not confirm the actual number of passengers, inferred in the missing state of the number of about 10 people. South Korean Prime Minister Huang Jiaoan on the morning of the rescue work to give instructions, said the rescue time is the key, to search for missing persons.

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